Are you friends with your Mortgage?

Now I know that might sound like an odd question, but the reality is everyone either has or needs a mortgage.

Mortgages are a reality of life that most Canadians will have for 25 years or more.
Mortgages affect your everyday life, more than you would think.
With something so important you deserve professional advice, care and honesty.
Our team strives to help you not only acquire a mortgage that is suited exactly to your wants and needs, but also helps you to Befriend Your Mortgage!


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Dominion Lending Centres


Getting approved with a mortgage agent is better than a pre-qualification from a bank, here's why!


 It is no small secret that house prices have gone up. 

 As a homeowner are you curious about what this means for you? 

 Equity in your home should not just be a safety net; but can be so much more!

 In times of low-interest rates, easy pre-payment options, and rising house prices - NOW is the time to take action!


 Refinancing allows you to utilize the equity stored in your home to increase your quality of living. 

 This can be for something as simple as a new kitchen or important as sending your child to school. 

 What is even more awesome, is that you can use your equity thru a mortgage to properly consolidate all of your debts and loans. In turn lowering your expenses and increasing your cash flow. 

 Refinancing your mortgage can be life-changing!

Dominion Lending Centres


Take a moment and think about it: If you can afford rent, can you afford a mortgage?

 With house prices through the roof, being a first-time homebuyer or a wannabe real-estate investor, may seem too difficult and risky.

 We here at Dominion Lending Centers, believe that dreams can become a reality!

 There are so many great mortgage programs and options.

 With our professional experience and knowledge of real estate and financing, let us help you purchase your dream home. It just might be easier than you think!

Here's a simple breakdown of how much you should put down!


10 - 15%


Get into the Market with the least savings

Mid-level savings required
Lowest interest rates

Widest Range of mortgage Products and Types

Lowest Rates

Higher Credit/Income Qualifications

Higher Credit Qualifications

Stated income/Business for Self Program

Lowest Credit Qualifications

Longer Amortizations and lower payments

Pay Default Mortgage Insurance

Pay Default Mortgage Insurance

No Default Insurance

Meet Peter and Ethan

Ethan J. Traynor

Mortgage Agent
It is hard to be excited about mortgages. I definitely wasn’t, until I became a mortgage agent! Throughout my studies and extensive experience with clients, I realized that they were left in the dark. Especially about the process, the mortgage industry and how they can achieve financial freedom. It's time to change that…



Peter Langner

Mortgage Agent
...Over time, through realtors, friends and those alike, I began to see the need for good
Mortgage Agents in Ontario.
There is a lack of communicative, trustworthy and dedicated agents to help them on their Mortgage Journeys. I believe being an Agent is the right fit for me and I never turned back!



Our Goal

 I know that this might sound cliché, but Peter and I want to make dreams come true. 

 Whether you are purchasing a new home, renewing, refinancing your mortgage or investing in real estate, we know these can be rough and difficult waters.

 Together we have spent a tremendous amount of time learning about the real estate and mortgage industry. We have made this collectively our life's mission. 

 We realize that homeownership and financing are very serious and important life decisions. 

 Not everyone has the time or experience to learn what they need to know.

 We think the reality is, big banks don’t always have our best interests in mind.

 How can they, when they are so big and disconnected from the everyday consumer?

 Peter and I want to help you make the right financial decisions. We can help you achieve your dreams and properly account for your wants and needs. 

 Please do not hesitate to reach out for a call, or even a quick consultation.

 Our promise to you is we will always be honest, and have your best interests at heart. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you to Befriend Your Mortgage.




- Ethan J. Traynor



Peter and Ethan were so helpful! Took the stress out of purchasing my first home! They gave me great advice and always provided prompt timely responses. They got me the best mortgage and would recommend to anyone looking for a mortgage! These guys are the experts!



- Faroque Omar

...they created a mortgage plan that was more affordable for me than I thought was out there.  The service I received massively surpassed my expectations and anyone who gets a mortgage through them is in safe hands.




My experience with Ethan and Peter left me entirely satisfied. They provided excellent advice to walk me through every stage of the process. Thanks to them I was able to achieve my goals as quickly as possible.

-Brendan M